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Babies Travel Lite - Baby Travel Packing Advisor


Babies Travel Lite

Something for everyone from Mom & Dad to the teenagers & smaller kids
Family-time is Fun-time! :
Destinations & Interests

   Sure you have thought about taking a vacation. You may have even thought about bringing the kids. Maybe you will go see Disneyland in Florida or California, maybe hit a Club Med.  Jet setting to Jamaica used to be a breeze. Dare to dream again of Hawaii and Miami. Minus the nightmare of having to choose between your favorite shoes and a box of wet wipes.        
   However it has always come down to one thing... Packing....  Clothes, formula, bottles, diapers, pack n play, baby Bjorn, bouncy seat – it’s all adding up. How many diapers does she go through in a weekend anyway? Do you bring the swing? Should you bring stuff so our baby can take a bath? Are you getting crazy with all of this, right? 
   You schlepped across Europe with a single backpack and survived your honeymoon with nothing but an overnight bag of lingerie and a toothbrush. But now that junior’s around things aren’t so simple. Diapers triple your carry-on load. Vacation fantasies are marred by visions of futile searches for Gerber Graduates at foreign grocery stores.  How the heck are you going to get a week's worth of baby food jars or 300 diapers in your suitcase? 
   Yes, traveling has become more difficult in recent years, especially if you have to travel with small children. One of the most common complaints that parents have when it comes to traveling with small children is trying to keep track of them at airports, hotels, and car rental agencies, along with keeping an eye on the luggage at the same time. It can quickly become a trying experience. Additionally, between security concerns and newly enforced baggage restrictions, bringing all the baby supplies you will need while away from home just doesn’t make sense, but you don’t have a choice. You have to bring diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, food, bathing supplies and countless other items your baby will need while on vacation, right?
    You can practically eliminate those bags of baby supplies with a new service that provides a great convienence to those who travel with young ones.  Traveling with small children can be exciting and rewarding, but it is also challenging and tiring. Babies Travel Lite is a baby supply company who makes traveling with small children easier and more enjoyable by delivering the changing, feeding, and bathing supplies your baby will need while away from home, to any travel destinations worldwide. You can shop for all the supplies your baby will need while traveling without leaving your home. For a small convenience charge Babies Travel Lite will package and deliver your favorite baby supplies.
   Order early and save. Babies Travel Lite offers hundreds of products at competitive prices, and will be happy to fulfill special requests. Using their service is done by ordering online or phone, you can plan ahead ensuring that you never forget that critical item at home. The service allows you to shop for any number of items you would need or even gives the option of ordering Baby Bundles to make shopping easy and hassle free. 
   At the same time, Babies Travel Lite has also extended its current offerings of more than 500 products with a wide array of organic products into their permanent product line, after receiving many special requests for these items from parents. Babies Travel Lite now offers organic formula by Horizon and Baby's Only, organic baby food by Earth's Best and Tender Harvest, organic diapering, bathing and suncare items by California Baby and a variety of Earth friendly diapers and wipes.
   In addition to their full product line, they've put together special Baby Bundles to make your time away from home less hectic. Whether parents are headed to the mountains to ski, a golf resort to relax, the beach for fun in the sun or to visit family, their baby supplies are waiting when they arrive. Babies Travel Lite delivers to hotels, resorts, time shares, vacation rentals, or even Grandma's house. Whether it is meal time, diaper time, bath time or sun time they have everything that you could possibly need and it will be at your hotel when you arrive.  So pack your Prada and let them pack the Pampers!

Babies Travel Lite

    Babies Travel Lite will purchase and deliver to your destination all the things you need for baby, from feeding and diaper stuff to bath items and medicine. The prices aren’t outrageous, and with a little planning ahead the convenience charge can be as low as $10. Obviously we’re not traveling outside of civilization this weekend (there are plenty of places to buy baby wipes in the valley), but if we were flying you could see being tempted. “Here’s your room key sir, and your Huggies and Similac are already in your room. Enjoy your stay.”    Babies Travel Lite carries all of your favorite brands at the prices you are used to!  Let Babies Travel Lite do the packing and lugging for you.      
   The online service will ship anything his little heart desires (or sensitive tush needs) to destinations nationwide. Need Huggies in Honolulu?  No problem. Cheerios in Chattanooga? You got it. It sure beats having your baby bag confiscated on account of a “suspicious white powder” in the talc bottle.  All products are brands you know, so there won’t be any fiascos. They also offer prepackaged bundles, travel tips, and a special-request service for those odd little doodads Annabelle needs.
   In addition to the baby products used on a daily basis, they carefully select specialty products you might need while on vacation. They are constantly updating their site and adding new products to make sure you have everything you need while away from home.   Using the service is easy. In advance of a trip you can log on to the company's web site and shop for the supplies they will need while away from home. The supplies will be waiting at the customer's destination upon their arrival. The company also maintains a Baby Travel Guide, which is intended to be a resource for parents traveling with small children. Whether visiting a resort, amusement park, or someones house, the travel guide will help answer questions, be a place to share information, and provide helpful tips and suggestions about family travel.
   Babies Travel Lite offers a $5.00 off coupon for anyone who uses their services through this site
Pack lightly. It's easy to plan the perfect family vacation...

Babies Travel Lite

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