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Jamaica - When To Go...

   Jamaica's tropical climate is at its most appealing during the peak mid-December to mid-April tourist season, when rainfall is lowest and the heat is tempered by cooling trade winds; it can also get quite cool at night at this time, so it's worth packing a sweater.
   Things get noticeably hotter during the summer, and particularly in September and October the humidity can become oppressive. September is also the most threatening month of the annual hurricane season, which runs officially from June 1 to October 31; however, on average, the big blows only hit about once a decade.
   Prices, and crowds at the attractions and beaches, peak during high season. Outside this period it's quieter everywhere, and though the main resorts throb with life pretty much year-round, quieter areas like Port Antonio and Treasure Beach can feel a little lifeless. The good news is that in the off-season hotel prices fall by up to 25 percent, there are more bargains to be had in every field of activity, and a number of festivals - including the massive annual Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay - inject some zip.
   Jamaica is a different world, full of glorious white sand beaches, lush vegetation, mountains, red earth, the smell of saltwater, and the humidity of tropical climes. People are friendly and laid back, operating on Jamaican time, lackadaisical and easygoing, with no real sense of hurry.
   I have always wanted to go there, to visit the land of jerk chicken and Bob Marley, and paid little attention to the stories of hold ups and the hostile treatment of tourists relayed to me by others. I kept those stories in mind and just decided to be cautious. I would experience the country firsthand, beholding Jamaica's offerings with my own two eyes.

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Half Moon

from $290

Situated on a serene private bay approximately seven miles from Sangster International Airport, Half Moon offers a variety of luxury accommodations, meal plan options, and specialty programs....

Rose Hall Resort and Country Club

from $99

The 487-room Rose Hall Resort and Country Club is located approximately nine miles from Sangster International Airport and about five miles from Montego Bay. This hotel offers All-Inclusive and hotel only accommodations....

Sunset Beach Resort and Spa All-Inclusive

from $163

The all-inclusive Sunset Beach Resort & Spa sits on a private peninsula and is located approximately three miles west of central Montego Bay and 10 miles from Sangster International Airport....

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