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Trip Advisor - Let these travel reviews be your guide for selecting your perfect family vacation

Welcome to Excellent Romantic Vacations!

Hawks Cay Resort

   Please use the following travel reviews as a guide and as your personal trip advisor. First hand information is far better than any brochure or pamphlet, and this trip advisor is invaluable when choosing the right resort or cruise. Keep in mind however that everyone has different expectations and different opinions for their vacation. Look at all the reviews for the resort and get as much information as you can.      
  You should not avoid a particular hotel because it has had a few negative reviews, you might still love it! Many thousands of people make or change their family vacation plans based on what they have read on the Internet.
Only by taking the time to write a travel review will you be able to have an impact on someone else’s family vacation and to be their trip advisor.
   We welcome all travelers an opportunity to submit travel reviews - hotel travel reviews, both good and bad, of the hotels, resorts, and cruise ships that you have been to with your family.

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) - Grand palladium bavaro junior suites! By Debbie from New Brunswick, Canada
   We stayed at the Grand Palladium Bavaro last year for two weeks. Every building has a mix of rooms. Their are 8 rooms per building with deluxe, junior suites and some of the buildings closer to the beach having romance suites. This resort is one of the best that we have been to. The food, staff and level of service excellent. A+++ for cleanliness. We are returning in April of 2006 for two weeks but staying on the Palace side as we wanted a room that had more romance. The jaccuzzi is in the room surrounded by pillars where at the Palladium side the jaccuzzi is in the bathroom. We had a blast last year and cannot wait to return.   It is best to get a room close to the pool as you it does make your treks shorter from one location to another. The best drinks are at the Lobby Bar and we enjoyed drinks there each evening before and after supper.

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There is live entertainment there each everning. I have been told that they have also opened a piano bar that has excellent drinks. You can e-mail the resort with a room request before you go. We sent an e-mail the week before we went and again the day before we left and requested an upgrade. We were very happy to find that we had been upgraded to a junior suite. The rooms are very nice and large. The beach goes on for over 1 mile and the beach vendors are just on the other side. The disco at the resort next door is open to the public and from what I hear quite a happening place. Enjoy!
Jamaica-Negril - by Gabby.  My husband and I stay at Whistling Bird Cottages on 7 Mile Beach, close to Rondel Village in the middle. You can get AI at WB. 12 cottages only and a beautiful private beach. We just stayed there in May and are returning after Thanksgiving. This time we will be bringing our son to see how beautiful Negril is. I have pictures of WB on this site. Just an option and it cost me 684.00 per person in 2 bedroom cottage and paid 395.00 for airfare for each. Everyone at WB treats you like you are family. Hope this helps somewhat???

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  St.Maarten/St.Martin- by sxmlover from Northwest, CT.   We're certainly not experts, but have 6 trips in two years under our belts. Three planned for 06 and hope to be resident in 2007. We have fallen in love with the island!    We use AAA Car Rental. Email Alain at triplea@outremer.com for a quote. He has brand new cars, although we always ask for an older, bashed up at bit one. That way we don't have to worry about dings and dents on the island. No matter the age, they are always clean and well maintained. Have always gotten a competitive price ( I usually get quotes from 2 or 3 of the respected locals, but pick Alain). Pick up at airport, great service - we got a flat tire once and within 15 minutes it was replaced!
  Antigua - by devonian UK.
   We went to Antigua in February for two weeks and had a wonderful time. We book our flights and hotel ourselves and stayed at the Catamaran Hotel in Falmouth Harbour. If you want luxury it is not for you but if you want a small friendly hotel owned by locals for years then this is a great hotel. We stayed in a beach front room which was simple with kitenette and shower room, but it was really clean and cleaned every day with new towels each day. Feona, the owner is very friendly and has a great barbecue on a Tuesday that it not to be missed. There are kayaks and sunsails that can be used on the beach, which is small but they have now got their own pool since we were last there. Pigeon beach is not too far away and there are some lovely beaches on the island. The hotel is near a marina and there are supermarkets and a couple of places to eat in walking distance, however it is easy to catch bus to English Harbour where more is happening. We hired a car for a week and would def recommend this wherever you stay in Antigua. Nearby is a riding stable if you like riding. We loved it but everyone looks for different things on holiday. Suggest you look at their website. Their superior rooms upstairs look nice, however we liked the beach front rooms as you can just walk out of your door and sit on beach. Not greatest for swimming in as close to marina but great for paddling around in kayaks. You could also look at Grenada , have not been due to hurricane last year, but they are now recovering and BA have specials on flights there for $299 including airport taxes. Only other suggestion is to look on Antiguas toursim site and look at all hotels they have on offer. If you want any more info feel free to ask, have also been to Tobago which is lovely, but found where we stayed in Antigua people more friendly.

Gayo Coco,  Cuba - by Sheza from Montreal, Canada    I went to Cayo Coco using Air Canada.  From Montreal it was a short flight, about 4 hrs, and the airport is only about 15 minutes away from the hotel. There was no time change when we arrived in Cuba on the 23rd. But because in Canada we changed the time on Sat 22nd there was 1 hour difference when we came back on oct 30. The Air Canada rep did tell me that Cuba also changes the time, but he couldn't tell me exactly when. 
   I was in Block 20, which really is 2 seconds away from the Buffet and the adult swimming pool. And contrary to what the previous person said, my room was always clean, no bugs, I always had clean towels, bottles of water, shampoo, soap etc. The air conditionning was not working when I came into the room (or maybe was I not able to use it correctly..) and within 5 minutes I had someone fixing it.    None of the regular rooms have balcony. But if you are on the main floor you room has 'backdoor' that gives you access to the outside were you'll find two chairs and a little table. It gives you some privacy and I enjoyed it. Only the cabins have a terrace. Tip : a family I met had a room on the second floor and were not trilled baout it. They went back to the reception desk to ask to be moved somewhere else. With A SMILE (and 10 pesos) they were moved to a cabin where they enjoyed a balcony and a nice view of the laguna. You might want to give it a chance...   Last week only one section of the hotel was open, they were still getting the other section ready. Remember, we were only 260 visitors that week, and during high season the hotel can easily have 1800... But that was fine, the staff was very friendly and had a lot of time for us! Everybody is nice and more than willing to make your stay enjoyable.    By the way, I spoke to a lot of people and from what I heard nobody got sick. The food is good, even if, I admit, at lunch time it's pretty much always the same (pasta, sandwiches, salad, hamburger fries and pizzas). And no, their hamburgers do no taste like McDonalds'! Which of course isn't necessary a bad thing... Go there with an open mind, don't expect everything to be exactly like home, smile and you'll have a great time!

  Anguilla, Caribbean - by tkb from Philadelphia   My wife and I spent 10 days in Anguilla for our honeymoon in early August 2005. We loved it and plan to return. It was hot, but only in the low 90's with moderate/high humidity. I expected the heat, and it was tolerable and kind of nice. A cool breeze from the water helped most days.    Fly into St. Martin. Don't mess with transfers in San Juan. You can skip it- so why not. Also, you could plan a private boat ride from St. Martin to Anguilla. It is a great entry to the honeymoon. The islands were closer than you would expect and the trip between them is very cool.
   We stayed at the CuisinArt. It is comparable to the Cap Juluca in terms of luxury and amenities. The CJ is way bigger, and was excellent for dinner. The entrance to the resort at night was excellent- large torches line a drive onto CJ's island- and invoked a sense of entering an island far out on the water.    Angullia was great all round and we heard complaints only from travelers who were staying in cheap hotels with loud air conditioners.    CuisinArt on Rendevous Bay was very private and luxurious. Even if you don't stay there be sure to visit every Tuesday night while you're in Anguilla. They really mean it when they say all you can eat lobster barbeque- and believe me, they go way, way beyond lobster. (but lobsters aren't as big as on Scilly Cay) Anguilla is a great place. Find Elvis and you will not miss a beat of it.

  Disneyland Hotel - A great place to stay!! By Michael from Long Beach, California
...We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel on Jan.1st and 2nd. I was a little hesitant to stay at this hotel in the past due to the bad reviews I have read on this site. But I am a Disneyland Annual passholder and we were able to stay at the AP rate which was $89.00 a night. I thought this was as great time to try it myself...

Antigua, Caribbean - I had a great time! By Rex
  Just got back from Antigua and I had a great time. I knew little about Antigua before going there and to my surprise it was much better than what I expected. Contrary to a message I just read, chatboards like this one helped a lot on my vacation planning, regarding of who participates here, since I really don't know who they are, I must say this information site is very helpful. Simple as this, questions and doubts get answers here...

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

  There are many reasons to visit Florida. If you are in desperate need of a great vacation, then come and visit Florida. Florida has it all: great weather, beautiful beaches and super fun family, honeymoon and spa resorts. It is our favourite place in the world, there is so much to see and do and it is for all ages.
   First hand information is far better than any brochure or pamphlet, and this Florida trip advisor is invaluable when choosing the right resort or cruise. Look at the following Florida travel reviews and use it as your personal trip advisor.
   Share your experiences and recommendations. Include your opinions on the comfort, entertainment, location, and service provided by the hotel you are reviewing. The best reviews include not only what you liked and disliked, but also the reasons behind your opinions. Tell others what's hot and what's not. Thank you!

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