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Traveler Resources - Ultimate Independent And Family Vacation Trip Advisor

   Everything you need for a smooth travel experience is here

Destination Information. Real reviews from real travelers

The largest site for unbiased travel reviews gives you the real story about hotels, attractions and restaurants around the world. Stories, secrets and special places from people just like you. Search, travel, then share your own experiences.

A wide range of budget accommodation worldwide
Save money so that you can spend it on things more important than where you sleep. Staying in hostels when you travel not only keeps your budget, but it is also a unique way to enhance your trip. Meet new people, have new experiences. We offer you a wide range of budget accommodation worldwide including over:3000 hostels, 2000 budget hotels, 1000 guesthouses, 100 campsites and 500 apartments. See what hostels there are where you want to go. And book your bed online with All Vacation Ideas.

Assistance with expediting visa applications to over 300 countries!
Passport Visa Express.com specializes in obtaining travel visa(s) for US Citizens and foreign nationals traveling internationally to any country in the world. Applying for a travel visa is quick and easy with Passport Visa Express.com. You dont need a printer - all foreign visa applications can be completed online! Apply for your visa online, then track your visa application online! Passport Visa Express.com assists in expediting visa applications to over 300 countries! They also specialize in visa processing for China, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and ETA visa for Australia. Passport Visa Express.com also provides assistance with all types of passport applications: new us passport, passport renewal, lost passport, child passport, or applying for second US passport. We can also assist in adding passport pages to a us passport, extending the validity of a us passport or changing the name on a us passport. Their visa offices are located in the heart of Washington D.C., San Francisco and downtown Chicago, only minutes away from all of the foreign embassies and consulates. Passport Visa Express.com works directly with each embassy assisting you in expediting your visa application in as fast as the same day! Their services are priced below the competition. Visa processing starts at just $39, with various discounts available. Passport processing begins at $55.

Enjoy your flight!
Current Airport Conditions
Is Chicago experiencing departure delays? Is it foggy in San Francisco?  Airport Closures?  This is the place to check for current airport delays.

Airport Maps
View terminal, concourse, baggage claim, transportation, and parking maps for most major airports.

Weather Center
Get your local 5 day forecast before departure.

Travel Checklist
Some helpful items to consider when packing.

Currency Converter
Find out how much your currency converts to in foreign currency.

Currency Cheat Sheet
A Must!  Print out currency conversion rates to carry with you.

Airline Seat Maps
Ever wonder where your seat is located?  Is it next to the lavatory or in an exit row?

Airport Codes
Find the airport code for every major airport in the world.

Flight Tracker
Track the flight status of any airborne flight in the U.S.

World Time Zones
What time is it in Tokyo, LA, or New York?  Click here to find out.

International Dialing Codes
Find International Calling Codes for telephone calls.

Electricity Conversions
Check the electricity standards in any country before you pack!

FareWatch - Average Airfares
Have you ever wondered what the average airfare is between two cities? Use FareWatch to help you determine what a good fare is.

Airport Security Checkpoint Wait Times
Check the average wait time for TSA security checkpoints at your airport before you depart!


More Traveler Resources

ATM Locations Worldwide

Mastercard ATM Locator

Find Worldwide Mastercard/Cirrus bank machine locations

Visa ATM Locator

Do you need to find an ATM that accepts your Visa credit card? Find bank cash machines, ATM's here.

American Express ATM Locator

To find the nearest Express Cash ATM, simply tell us where you are. We'll show you where to get cash.

ATM Locator

Communication and Language

Wake Up Calls

Schedule wake up calls, anytime, anywhere.


Comprehensive language resource for travelers. Learn basic words before you go.

Living Language

Translates phrases.


Translate text into different languages.

Frequent Flyer Tools


Frequent flyer program information and advice.

Web Flyer

Comprehensive information about frequent flyer programs.


Find out the scoop on frequent flyer programs.

Traveler Resource Maps and Distance

Map Quest

Use MapQuest to find everything from airports to hotels.

Map Blast

Maps and Directions

Distance Calculator

How far is it? Calculate the distance between two cities (as the crow flies!)

Passports and Visas

US Passport Service Guide

   A nationally recognized US passport and visa service by the Washington Post and USA Today and ranked #1 by the US Passport Service Guide in a survey of 40 expediting services. Get your passport in 24 hours!

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